About Us
The School of International Relations and Politics was established as one of the founding academic departments of the Mahatma Gandhi University on 2 October 1983. From its modest beginnings, the School has over three and a half decades acquired for itself a solid and enviable reputation. It has made a mark in its sphere of scholarly activity and is one of the few institutions in the country to offer instruction and engage in research in areas like politics, international relations, human rights as well as public policy and governance. The vision and mission of the School is to provide the highest quality post-graduate and doctoral programmes in the frontier areas of Political Science, International Relations, Human Rights, and Public Policy and Governance, shaped by the distinctive perspectives of the faculty. The teaching-learning process at SIRP is shaped by a view of higher education as a process of developing a critical faculty on questions of polity, culture, economy and international society so that the students will become involved learners. The School provides wide-ranging opportunities for students and faculty to interact with each other as persons, to learn from each other in a cooperative community, an important aspect of which is collaborative student/faculty research. Hundreds of its alumni spread over the different continents of the world, engaged in different professions and active in various walks of life call it their “second home.” This is no exaggeration because the philosophy of the School over the years has been to assist in the qualitative transformation of the student, by providing individual care and attention. This concern for those who have crossed the portals of the institution persists long after they have left, when we maintain a sustained interest in their lives and careers. Former students will testify to the fact that the School played a defining role in their lives and that it made a huge difference. This is the best testimony that we have received.