Dr. M.V.Bijulal is Assistant Professor in the School of International Relations and Politics. He is also Chairman of the Centre for West Asian Studies. He was previously Senior Researcher with the Human Rights and Law Unit of the Indian Social Institute, New Delhi. He received his M.A from the Mahatma Gandhi University, M.Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University and PhD from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. His doctoral work was on “Dignity and Rights: The Lifeworlds of Underclass Malayali Workers in the GCC Countries.” He specialises in West Asian Studies, human rights, international labour migration and gender issues as well as questions of development and displacement. He is also a member of the Board of Studies of the School and of academic advisory bodies of several universities. He is the author of three books including City Slum and the Marginalised: The Lifeworlds of Muslims and Dalits in Delhi (2004) and Human Rights Investigation and Fact Finding Techniques (2006) apart from several articles in scholarly journals and popular magazines. Dr. Bijulal also participated in the World Social Forum held at Belem, Brazil (2008) where he co-ordinated an international seminar on livelihoods of marginalised people in Asia and the Amazonia. He has also co-ordinated several programmes including a Rajya Sabha Television debate on development, an Indian Council for Social Sciences Research workshop on Research Methodology in Social Sciences apart from orientation courses for university teachers. He is actively associated with civil initiatives for constitutional rights of Dalits and indigenous people in India as well as other marginalised groups in India and abroad. He has also done extensive research on the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, cultural politics of agrarian folk traditions, etc. Dr. Bijulal is also an adviser on social development strategies for local self-governing institutions as well as on heritage protection initiatives in Kottayam.

Email: bijulaal@gmail.com

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